Wednesday, August 24, 2005

On the Order of Things

It is not required but it wouldnt hurt if the reader peruses the post by Megha entitled "Paploo Stud Wannabe" .(It wouldnt help either because I am purely concerned with only the 3 words and not the content). Personally I think it takes a stroke of genius to produce a string of words like that. If you can repeat the statement atleast thrice mnemonically in your head and you'll see my point.(Quick Question : How many such phrases could you coin in less than a minute?)

If you are like me and cannot digest all 3 words at the same time, do what the programmer does for a living, namely : manage complexity using a simplification budget. So lets attack only the first 2 words : "Paploo Stud". I must remark care must be taken here not to confuse that "Stud Paploo" is the same as "Paploo Stud". In fact after a while you'll realise that the first word is more of a qualifier and hence ultimately a function of the second word. So "paploo stud" assumes you are a stud and you are also attributed 'paploohood' to you , whereas "Stud Paploo" implies inherently you are a "Paploo" and whats more,even a stud at that.( Digression : Linking Libraries is much the same way .Try linking an executable with -ly and -lx instead of -lx and -ly and you know what the compiler would do. That reminds me Compilers are like females and Men are like Computers but that would be for a later topic)

Anyways now we are prime to analyse our 3 pronged word of "Paploo Stud Wannabe". Applying the same philosophy mentioned in the earlier passage recursively, we realise that at the core is a "Wannabe". Then, he is qualified by being a stud at "wannabe" and that finally he ends up as a paploo in pursuing this whole endeavor. I wonder what the author had in mind when coining this title. In the process of arriving here I completely forgot to convey what I have originally set out to.That should not matter now .Probably I should scoot before making any more mindless comments like this..

ps : It finally came back to me. I was trying to parse the words "kanaka maNimaya nUpura dharaNA" that occured as a string in a carnatic song. ( for the curious that means "wearing golden gem-studded anklets")

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Megha said...

I thought and thought and thought .. of something to say in response, but good grief is all that comes to mind! :)

I could go on about some of the less-noticed differences between a PSW and a SPW, but I think I'll spare you and your readers. Am just glad that the inherent nuances of both phrases were understood and am delighted to have inspired a thesis on the topic :)