Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Booklist on Time

Somewhere Someone had this nice list of books on the subject of time.
Al-Azm, Sadik. Kant's theory of time. Philosophical Library.

Anderson, Poul. Tau zero. [fiction] Doubleday. 1970.

Asimov, Isaac. The end of eternity. [fiction] Doubleday. 1955.

Asimov, Isaac. Pebble in the sky. [fiction] Doubleday. 1950.

Bear, Greg. Eon. [fiction] Tor. 1986.

Belinfante, F. J. Measurements of time reversal in objective
quantum theory. Pergamon. 1975.

Bellamy, Edward. Looking backward. [fiction] Ticknor. 1888.

Benford, Gregory. Timescape. [fiction] Simon & Schuster. 1980.

Bishop, Michael. No enemy but time. [fiction] Pocket Books. 1982.

Cleugh, M. F. Time. Methuen. 1937.

Cornell, James, ed. Bubbles, voids, and bumps in time.
Cambridge University Press. 1992.

Denbigh, Kenneth G. Three concepts of time. Springer-Verlag.

Dick, Phillip. Time out of joint. [fiction] Carroll & Graf. 1959.

Dickson, Gordon. Time storm. [fiction] St. Martins. 1977.

Dunne, John William. An experiment with time. Humanities.

England, George Allan. Darkness and dawn. [fiction] Hyperion. 1975.

Frazer, J. T. The genesis and evolution of time: a critique
of interpretation in physics. University of Massachusetts
Press. 1982.

Freeman, Eugene, and Wilfrid Sellars, eds. Basic issues in the
philosophy of time. Open Court. 1971.

Gerrold, David. The man who folded himself. [fiction] Random. 1973.

Gold, T., ed. The nature of time. Cornell University Press. 1967.

Graves, Robert. Watch the northwind rise. [fiction] Cassell. 1949.

Gribbin, John. Timewarps. Dell. 1980.

Hogan, James. Thrice upon a time. [fiction] Ballantine. 1980.

Hudson, W. H. A crystal age. [fiction] Unwin. 1887.

Jeury, Michael. Chronolysis. [fiction] Macmillan. 1980.

Kaufman. The book of time.

Krudy, E. S., et al., eds. Time: a bibliography. IRL Press. 1976.

Landsberg, P. T., ed. The enigma of time. Heyden. 1982.

Laumer, Keith. The great time machine hoax. [fiction] Ace. 1978.

Leiber, Fritz. The big time. [fiction] Ace. 1961.

Mehlberg, Henry. Time, causality and the quantum theory. Kluwer
Academic. 1980.

Newton-Smith, W. H. The structure of time. Routledge and Kegan
Paul. 1980.

Niven, Larry. A world out of time. [fiction] Holt. 1976.

Norton, Andre. Operation time search. [fiction] Harcourt. 1967.

Norton, Andre. Quest crosstime. [fiction] Viking. 1965.

Park, David. The image of eternity: roots of time in the physical
world. New American Library. 1981.

Patrides, C. A. Aspects of time. University of Toronto Press. 1976.

Powers, Tim. The Anubis gates. [fiction] Ace. 1983.

Reichenbach, Hans, and Maria Reichenbach. The direction of time.
University of California Press. 1972.

Robinson, Spider. Time pressure. [fiction] Ace. 1987.

Saberhagen, Fred. After the fact. [fiction] Baen. 1988.

Saberhagen, Fred. Pyramids. [fiction] Baen. 1987.

Schlesinger, George N. Aspects of time. Hackett. 1980.

Shallis, Michael. On time: an investigation into scientific
knowledge and human experience. Schocken. 1983.

Sheeter, Sean, et al. The origin of large-scale time-symmetry:
the 5D field solution to the classical Wheeler-Feynman
problems with 4D relativistic action-at-a-distance. Process
Press. 1983.

Silverberg, Robert. Up the line. [fiction] Ballantine. 1969.

Taine, John. The time stream. [fiction] Buffalo. 1946.

Toulmin, Stephen, and June Goodfield. The discovery of time.
University of Chicago Press. 1982.

Tucker, Wilson. The year of the quiet sun. [fiction] Ace. 1970.

Twain, Mark. A connecticut yankee in King Arthur's court. [fiction]
Webster. 1889.

Varley, John. Millennium. [fiction] Berkley. 1983.

Vinge, Vernor. Marooned in real time. [fiction] Bluejay. 1986.

Wells, H. G. The time machine. [fiction] Heinemann. 1895.

Wells, H. G. When the sleeper wakes. [fiction] Harper. 1899.

Whitrow, G. J. The natural philosophy of time. Oxford University
Press. 1981.

Williamson, Jack. The legion of time. [fiction] Fantasy. 1952.

Zelazny, Roger. Roadmarks. [fiction] Ultramarine. 1979.

Zelkind, Irving, and Joseph Sprug. Time research: 1172 studies.
Scarecrow. 1974.

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