Monday, May 28, 2007


I left the last post wishing a "pleasant" weekend. I exactly had that. There's something exactly unquantifiable about that word "pleasant". Its not like ravishingly good nor simply great but some delicate grayscale shade of nicely marrying the mellow feeling with that of being content while allowing for some strings of excitement. It has much in common with a tuscan sunset.

Sometimes you see words cannot express exactly what you want to and hence resort to some art form like painting/sculpting/etc.Speaking of which I found this wonderful pottery collection of photos which pretty much says something about attention to detail. I loved it, hopefully you see something in them as well.

If you think pottery is too femmy or what not, then how about designing stuff on T-Shirts? Everyone knows that you dont simply buy a T-Shirt for its fabric/texture but more for whats being stated. Here's an excellent site where I just simply spend time trying to see some creative designs

Friday, May 25, 2007

The biziness of technology

I have never seen so many bright ideas between the covers of a single issue in a magazine. My current favouritest (yes, I coined it just now) mag out there is Business 2.0. Casually picked it up like every other week from the mailbox but couldnt put it down till I finished it.(yeah! I read the ads as well). Nothing is so invograting than the knowledge of some really cool ideas for humankind and generally leaves me with a that "zing" feeling that technology does appropriately help (I was cynical so far in the sales of silicon snake oil) our species save from our own misgivings and align ourselves to what we want the most.
Have a Pleasant Memorial Weekend...

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

What, me nerdy?

I was nicely enjoying a beer with my boss at a nice Mountain View pub and looked at the froth on the beer level and said "Nice Yeast Development!". (because the more the development of yeat the more frothy a beer would be when its poured) My director then said I am such a "nerd". I have to find out if this was true and being a sucker for such psychographic tests, I ended up with this one.Cannot believe this..Duh!

I am nerdier than 93% of all people. Are you a nerd? Click here to find out!

Since anyway I am doomed to that, might I recommend you guys to use Amazon S3 service for your future storage needs. Why? Because most of the test reminded me that 15% of nerdiness came from logic/computation whereas 85% came from the fact that I have a good memory. So, having good storage and imprinting your own logic on that storage should make us really "intelligent" (or as andy would pronounce intellizent).

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


"Where never creeps a cloud, or moves a wind,
Nor ever falls the least white star of snow,
Nor ever lowest roll of thunder moans,
Nor sound of human sorrow mounts to mar
Their sacred everlasting calm." -Lucretius

Its been a while. I was driven to do something or slave-driven or something else that left me bereft of any wish to blog.Plus my weekends were spent mostly driving 750 miles south of california watching forests catch themselves on fire.

First off, a good friend of mine just got engaged! Yayyy!!! Its a bug event as this was awaited for years. I incorrectly prophesied (this is what happens when you do so without the benefit of divine intervention) that he would be the first person in the periphery of our friends to get hitched first (the other prediction of me b eing last seems to be right on spot though..).Its exciting for me to look forward to attend a wedding after a span of 12 years (thats the last I ever been to anyone's wedding). Also travel to india is always fun :)

On the other hand, I moved from one group at work to another group. If you wanna work for a cost-center, some cost-centers are more equal than others. 12 years back I realized ,amidst great ambiguity, that I wanted to be an engineer. Li'l did I know the route to becoming one was working your way through operations and sales. I am happy however as it fits in my plan of working everywhere on planet earth and working probably in every other organizational unit that man has invented. Given such modest goals, it isnt surprising that I am looking forward to shuttle back to the "right" coast in a couple of weeks. Hurrah! Change is always good

My dad used to be a nomad in the sense of working at a different place every 3 years due to the nature of his profession. I felt really bad and cried in 1987 when I had to leave Madras with my friends (vividly remember the yellow X on a black background on a locomotive when I left the station as my last memoir of the city) . Later, I became used to it and really didnt bother as much nor spent so many a tear. Now, as I stand to leave another city, there're a few folks who wistfully look you in the eye and say "So Long!". Its a good thing to affect humans that way (or else your value add kind of comes close that of a furniture) and gives me a nice feeling of doing my thing of spreading joy around..

Here's to some really good tidings for my friend and myself..(If you have a bottle of london dry gin with that of some tonic water, now is a good time to mix them and drink to my health)