Monday, May 28, 2007


I left the last post wishing a "pleasant" weekend. I exactly had that. There's something exactly unquantifiable about that word "pleasant". Its not like ravishingly good nor simply great but some delicate grayscale shade of nicely marrying the mellow feeling with that of being content while allowing for some strings of excitement. It has much in common with a tuscan sunset.

Sometimes you see words cannot express exactly what you want to and hence resort to some art form like painting/sculpting/etc.Speaking of which I found this wonderful pottery collection of photos which pretty much says something about attention to detail. I loved it, hopefully you see something in them as well.

If you think pottery is too femmy or what not, then how about designing stuff on T-Shirts? Everyone knows that you dont simply buy a T-Shirt for its fabric/texture but more for whats being stated. Here's an excellent site where I just simply spend time trying to see some creative designs

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