Thursday, May 19, 2005


She Swims in my arteries with the memory of a goldfish,
A Sudden sense of Liberty,
A Gusto of Abandonment,
A Head Rush,
Pitching the Car into Overdrive,
Close my eyes wading through the traffic,
A vague sense of picking up the scent,
Probably a Red Herring,
No Cop to Arrest me,
No Anthem to Inspire me,
Another moment to be saved.


Anonymous said...

Stupid question: why goldfish?

Paddy said...

First Off, There is nothing like a stupid question, only stupid answers.(e.g. I used gold because I thought that would make the poem rich and fish because I wanted to make it stinking rich)

Goldfish are notorious for their 3 minute memories and there was even a romantic comedy by the name of "Goldfish Memory" in 2003.

For a more serious reading on memories and fish click on the link

Anonymous said...

rite paddy,
there is no write or wrong question,only the way u take a question makes it wrong or rite.well goldfish s too rich and i think a piranha would suit the write up.
i feel u suffer from a deep sense of neglect.well this was my lookout on yr u later....

Paddy said...

[e-gaseous] Welcome to my lair.

> i feel u suffer from a deep sense of neglect.

Are you sure you choice of word "suffer" is appropriate? :)

Anyways Appreciate the concern.

> meet u later....

In person? Shud be glad to do that.

Saltwater Blues said...

Hello paddy, just wanted to say I enjoyed reading your blog. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

"i feel u suffer from a deep sense of neglect" can be replced by "i feel your case is SELF ABNEGATION".
and i will meet u when u come to india.
well...i feel strange these days.i feel everything around me is false and its a dream.can u explain what is this?
abt gold fish agn....fishes look good in water not in veins....i feel sad when i look at pets. man captures everything and renames or binds it in relational traps...

meet u later...yeah!


Paddy said...

[SwB] Thanks for dropping by.You seem to have a good one too. Welcome!

[e-gas] Seems like I dont recollect anyone with your attitude. Could you please jog my memory as to who you are?

I wont make any further point about distinction between 'metaphor' and 'literal'.
>around me is false and its a dream.

What is it. Am I your shrink now?