Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Tag, You're It

I have been introduced to the concept of of memes through programming lessons and later in viral spamming campaigns like if you done send this devotional email to another bunch of 5 people, God is personally gonna strike you down or something like that.But this one's appealing because it's about books. I was tagged by a GeeBaby on writing about books as per a set template. I didnt know about this till this morning but anyways let me take a stab at it.

Total Number of Books I Own: Never counted. Approximately 1,000 or so geogrphically distributed over the places I have been living or travelling. In my last move to CA the only 4 cartons I relocated were 5 boxes of books.Currently have only 100 odd books with me.

Last Book I Bought: Wandered into a book store before Dinner yesterday. I bought Sum Of Our Discontent by David Boyle. The book deals with the fact that sometimes in the process of counting and measuring we miss out on some important facts about the thing itself. (Just like the previous section about volume of books says nothing about the quality of the importance). Just done with the first chapter but sounds like a very promising read.

Last Book I Read: Been more than 3 months since I finished my last book "The Mammaries Of the Welfare State" . Wait a minute. Thats wrong. Actually the last one I read was Andy Kessler's "How We Got Here"

One Book I Couldn't Finish:- Ulysses by Joyce. Just wasnt mentally prepared nor had enough perspective to understand it. I also couldnt finish "You Shall Know Our Velocity" because I forgot it in the plane seat in Canada.

Five Books That Mean a Lot to Me: Only five? Beware, the smaller the sample size, the greater the need to be selective and thats so tough.Anyway let me take a dive (nowhere representative of the entire spectrum but popping off my head at this moment)

Phew! I am hungry now, so let me grab some grub. Oops! I got to spread the disease by naming five innocent souls whom I wish to harass. So here is the ist of Honors : Hirak and Sumedha ( You knew that was a no brainer, right?) , Priyanka,Venu and Bonnie. All the best to you guys

ps: If you seriously wanna know how cool tagging is, try http://del.icio.us


Priyanka said...

oh dear. we seem to have cross-tagged each other!

Paddy said...

Really. Coincidence of Coincidence!
Anyways when I compare the timestamps, I beat you to it by an hour :)

Priyanka said...


Hirak said...

Will post once I make up my mind about the which to include and which not to.

Paddy said...

[Hirak] Thanks for acceding the request!