Sunday, July 10, 2005


is to do nothing
on a sunday afternoon

watching clouds move
leaves waving
paper flapping

a plane glides through
a fig incense burning
my favorite song playing

book open and unread



Priyanka said...

And a glass of Iced Tea, please ..:)

perspective said...

wow!! this is bliss to me too :)

Primalsoup said...

Bliss would increase manifold, if there wasn't the damned Monday after! :)

gvenum said...

It exactly suits my sunday, only there are no clouds in Dallas as P.soup pointed out a bad monday looming large. BTW I don't even read too, that should explain my no book-blog.

Putative Insanity said...

I loved that random quote. Bliss, could also do with some food/drink I think.

Paddy said...

[Pri] Added. These are 'cutomisations'

[Anya] Glad to see you agree :)

[Bonnie] Bliss Would also increase manifold if you can feign there is no Monday till Sunday afternoon is done

[Venu] Subsitute "magazine" instead of a book and you should be fine, I guess.

[PI] Welcome to my lair.Gnarlll....
As mentioned above "food/drink" and other accesories are customizations that dont come with the standard package.

Anonymous said...

Bliss glut with each one's kiss
Burst away, piece a thousand lis.


Hirak said...

I was moving this Sunday. Hate to have the great weather and have it not to turn out to be an idyllic Sunday afternoon.
There should be a poem about that too!

Geetanjali said...

Another customisation if I may :-

is lying in your lovers arms
ruffling his air
as he traces patterns on your arms...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"BLISS" for me is having a hot water bath after a busy day's work.
else...i reserve sundays planning for the rest of the week apart from;Adoring pals.

e-gaeous says all it matters is a try.

Paddy said...

[7~] Long Time.No Hear.Glad to hear from you

[Hirak] Oneman's blissful afternoon is another's man's moving afternoon or what..Too Bad but you can try make it up next week, I suppose.

[Gee] You may and sounds very nice. Have to attempt the stuff you wrote someday and only then I can see if it is indeed bliss.(your comment somehow reminded me of Amitabh Bachchan and Rakhi in "Kabhi Kabhi")

[Anon #1] Hi
[e-gas] So you are back :)

GratisGab said...

YES! If you have learned to spend a perfectly useful afternoon in a perfectly useless way, you have learned how to live! :)