Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Over and Out

Its been a heck of ride but I guess I am running out of steam. As some of my readers might have observed the quality of my posts has been exponentially dropping close to zero. Its a nice point of inflexion to hang up my boots before I start hitting the negative values.( I have just confirmed this for a fact with an objective third party observer).I started out with a Fugue but I guess I ended with a Toccata with a bit of Allegro thrown in occasionally.



Sumedha said...

Aw, come on!
Your blog has a lot of personality. Maybe you're about to get your second wind :)

Priyanka said...

besides, a frog has to croak right? :)
or maybe he's just waiting for a Muse to find him,Sumedha :)

Primalsoup said...

Oye, Oye, Oye! Ki holo? I thought you were doing nicely?

But, ya I suppose as long as the ride was good, all else cease to matter.

And enjoy the break and do come back! :)

gvenum said...

Dude, not now. I have just given you a star status in my blog and you do this:)...anyway have a nice break. But do come back, atleast for me.

Geetanjali said...

Hey you're not allowed to do that = sabbaticals are allowed, not resignations! Give yourself a break, I'm sure you'll be back with doubled vigour!

Anonymous said...

i am under hibernation too.
welcome to the group.

paddy said...

wow i find another paddy in the blog world
sadly he too is commiting suicide.
hope u come back ..

Megha said...

As the cute sardarji kid in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai would say - Tusi jaa rahe ho? Tusi na jaao!

Hope this is just a short break.

Paddy said...

First Off, Please take a bow for the stellar vote of confidence :)
Really a Humbling Experience for a BigHeaded and an arrogant person like me. Thank-u to you and you...

[SumSin] Glad to note that. I wish I do have a second coming...

[Pri] Sometimes Frogs get depressed too.What to do? Then they start creating a muse assuming they couldnt find one that exists (Remember the story of Agastya & Lopamudra)

[Bonnie] Kuchi Na! True. All else cease to matter as long as it ends well.I hope this is a break.Cant Say.

[Venu] Man! You do have a way of getting stuff. If you were in my org. you have an Instant promotion to that of a senior manager position :) .BTW Appreciate the accolade you have lavished on me ;)

[Gee] Is this something like Hotel-California-can-check-out-but-cant-leave kinda thing? I presume so. Teri Moo mein gee shakker if I can do that.

[e-gas] Sorry for the confusion as such but as you can see my buddies believe that I am up for something and hence cannot be a part of your group.Seems like you are a Miltonist (They also Serve who stand and Wait Kinds..)

[Paddy] Feels Kinda Weird to know another Paddy exists :). Felt much the same when I left Hyderabad when an army person called "Padmapani Acharya" died in the Kargil war.

[Megha]Long Time.Always glad to See you :)
Imagine Pankaj Kapoor in "Philips Top 10"
Bada Kaun Hain?
Intelligent kaun Hain?
To Phir Kaun decide karega ki wapas aare hain ki nahin?
After commenting this long (happens very infrequently in my blog) I am tempted to start another season (but then my mind is like that of a soup at a cheap restaurant.Better Not to Stir Them..

Take a Bow, Folks.

Geetanjali said...

I see a change in look - does that mean the hibernation is done with?

As for Hotel Cali, yeps blogging's like that only...how can you find the heart to leave it?

Anonymous said...

Mutation or termination no differential at the points of discontinuity. Depression for Lopa or is it a part of Lopa. August, You're gonna get hazaar fucked either way, by Lopa or for the lack of it. But I assume it would be much ...(proper adjective?) doing with it. Don't call me an optimist, for I keep checking this space, just a muted continuant.


Paddy said...

[7~] Okay.August was a bad example in that light :) Lets check out Rishyasringa who is much better in the aspect you mentioned.Glad to see you drop by..

Anonymous said...

Lopa (adj): learned, characterized by erudition
Lopamudra (prop.n): learned woman
Lopa (n): inadequacy, a lack or shortage
hazaar fucked (v): a bummed out experience

I guess I didn't shine the light in the right places. Um! may be my mean was "Depression for Lopa(learned woman) or is it a part of Lopa(a lack). August, You're gonna get hazaar fucked either way, by Lopa(inadequacy) or for the lack of it(erudition). But I assume it(intercourse) would be much joy doing with it(learned woman)."

Horny-Sage, well his was an inevitable chance encounter for the knowledge of a different pleasure, not like August though.
And the Horny-Sage never had a Lopa(a lack). He had a woman before he could feel a lack for it(a woman, not necessarily a learned one). Contrary to your suggestion, he is much less related to my mention of August's Lopa.