Sunday, September 25, 2005

Club 55

Jingle of Pulp Fiction in the background wakes him up. Suddenly it strikes him that his cell phone is craving for his attention. Crawls out of his bed and gets to the ground floor with his eyes half open searching for the phone. Finally he takes the call and hears a different language.

Wrong Number.

ps : Venu has inflicted this popular viral fever of writing a story in 55 words and hence this post.
Mera bhi number aayega Venu :)


gvenum said...

>>Mera bhi number aayega Venu :)

That sounded more like Sholay with
Sanjeev Kumar shouting "Tera bhi number aayega Gabbar singh". But frankly I am mighty delighted to be Gabbar singh, so I can shed some good boy image.

But you should realize that my tagging really made you finally write something that is quite fathomable for a layman like me unlike those posts ,as megha puts it, which needs 2 dictionaries and a bottle of scotch with lime.

Paddy said...


Thats exactly the connotation I was implying when I said those words. You didnt miss.

I see the point. I am not profound in anyway, its just that I take a bunch of usual superficialities/banalities and bunch them together into a tesseract that gives the reader an illusion of profundity. Either way I will keep this note in mind when writing my future posts.Thanks for the feedback.

Geetanjali said...

Heheh nice! So you got tagged too, eh?

Btw loved Gvenum's response ;-)

Paddy said...

[Gee]Yep! Venu also added lime which wasnt mentioned previously. So you see in the end probably ppl are gonna say they need a full fledged 'daaru party' with some occasional chemical additives to read my posts.

(a dramatic and high pitched voice)
Hum tujhe maarenge aur zaroor marenge. us din bandook bhi tumhara higa, goli bhi tumhara hoga par nishana hum lagayenge. Be Warned :)

Just Kidding. One positive side effect of your feedback though is it does attract a lot of comments and makes it more interactive :)