Tuesday, October 25, 2005


One day on the street

I saw you

And your smile took my breath away

Though you were not looking at me

The girl on your arm

Bathed in its glow

I knew in that moment that my life would change

Now the longing of years

Had crystallized to take

A beautiful shape

You haunted my dreams

Though to forget I tried

Laughed and mocked

At that look in my eyes

But still they searched

Every hour, every street

Now, many years later

We sit across the table

And I look at you

Your smile, still special

The waitress preens, a delicate flush

You turn to me

And it washes over me

All over again

My life seems to have rushed

Toward this one moment

"So, we'll settle at 500 million?"



Since I am challenged blogwise these days a friend syndicated me some content to be published here. Somehow I like it.


Anonymous said...

oh this one. :))
somehow this is very funny.

Paddy said...

> oh this one

You expected the other one. Naah! The best things are always kept to oneself

>somehow this is very funny.

To you.Not to the rest of the world.