Saturday, September 16, 2006

Timing is Everything

I made the my best tea and coffee, to date, in a single day. I felt like not going to work when I woke up so worked from home taking my own sweet time for everything.

At 3:00 pm yesterday I yearned for a 'cup of tea'. The secret for a good tea is the time the brew very well. A second more on the heat can spoil it as well as a second late in adding the tea can make it bland. It made me realize that making proper tea is akin to playing the violin. You dont have any markers but rely on the fact that your finger is going to smoothly slide from note to another.

After a very good volleyball match, I returned with a couple of my acquaintances and made coffee for four. Making good coffee on the stove is akin to playing a guitar. You know you can get the same note provided your finger is right on the marker but beautiful nevertheless. The dependence on timing is a li'l less than that of tea but can enhance the quality.

Now I need to repeat this exerscise atleast 20 more times before I can get the same taste again.

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