Sunday, February 18, 2007

Kung Fu Hustle

Kung Fu hustle is a english version of the smash hit Kung Fu . As a kid in India, most of us liked to watch Bruce Lee movies and this one is a special tribute to him. But thats not why you should watch this movie, you should watch it because it kinda potpourri of all known plots in the movie and lovely parodies of some well known movies. All in all, its a very worthwhile exercise of your time watching it. I cannot wait for the sequel to be released sometime this year.

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Anonymous said...

hi Anna,

Seen this on a pirated version.
Not behaving as a purist would hav done and end up saying the movie is all nonsense... i will say it has soul of china in it.

Just like the Soul of Japan is The samurai way of life.

Martial art being my area of interest... I've seen some chienese monks in Guwahati... and I cant dare to make a pun outta it.Its real.