Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Great Indian Rope Trick

I occasionally stop by while walking when I see what I call as a "picture moment". It can be a girl waiting in a crowded restaurant looking at her watch with a bright light on her face, a wife who is about to snap the thread after sewing a button on her husband's shirt (as seen through an apartment window at noon), a beautiful flowervase on the window sill with just enough light in the darkness of the night, a silhoutte of someone in moonlight, and ad hominem. One such occasion, someone told me "Take a Picture, It'll last longer"

I laughed it away.Now, I understand . Imagine this experiment: An observer is at a temporal (that is instead of space, watch it in time) vantage point shooting his subject and lets say he overexposes the film. (By overexpose, I mean keep the shutter open for a long while..really long while in this case like some centuries). Just as Keynes said "In the long run, we are all dead", similarly in a sufficiently longer run of time our hypothetical photographer with his shutter open watching a given subject will ultimately see his subject disappear or become transparent.
I wonder how that negative looks for such a "patient" snap...

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