Saturday, May 31, 2008


If ever time should flow so calmly on
Soothing my spirits in such oblivion
That in the pleasut trance I would arrest
And hail the happy moment in its course,
Bidding it linger with me. …
Then willingly do I consent to perish.

Here's to this 'virtual' place.  Its been 4 long years since I started scribbling here. It is very interesting to see this survive despite my many attempts to stop it. It started as an adventure in some meaningless writing and not sure where I am now.

Looking back at the first 2 years of posting I  reflect on myself as childish, immature, foolish, sometimes rude and happily engaging in flights of fancy with no restraint whatsoever. I think I am completely crazy in even writing something like that (people told me that long time back but I realise it just now. Flourescence rather than incandescence) . 

I guess I have mellowed down a bit and kind of shed my previous skins now but what makes me smile looking at those posts is the earnestness/sincerity with which I used to post those initial ones.  I think I had a strong sense of camaraderie in that people who started their own scribbles around the same time exchanged a lot of comments,emails and experimentations with various widgets. Now, I feel like an equilibrium point has been reached where everyone settled down in their corners much like the molecules in a covalent bond once the valence equation is satisfied. 

One thing I have always avoided is categorization. I love tag clouds though, but unable to find myself tagging my posts which only points to my lack of clarity in thought. So, today I pronounce three tags which shall be a 50,000 feet view of what I would like to write about in my indulgences:  The Good, The True and The Beautiful.

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