Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The First Veil

Currently reading Skinny Legs and All and I must confess its the usual fantastic style of Robbins..I havent yet finished it just getting through only the first few chapters but it had enough to blog about..Some excerpts

"As is sometimes the case, the very absence of cultural stimulation was culturally stimulating"

" Women are more interested in sex than men were.Ellen Cherry was convinced of that.True,Men talked about sex more.Men were forever making a big deal about it with jokes, hustler magazines, aggressive advances, and transparent braggadocio- but in her opinion that was largely for the benefit of other males.They thought that to be masculine,they had to be copulative dynamos,and it was largely to prop up their insecure masculinity that they resorted to sexual display,whereas,in fact it was their relatively mild interest in physical contact that was largely the source of that insecurity. Why am I not more horny? why isnt my pecker bigger? Why am I washed up after one orgasm when she can have a dozen and still ready to go?
How do I know that kid is really mine?It's got read hair! Ellen Cherry had to laugh.

Typically her own interest in sex was abiding and deep. In a patriarchal society, the abiding sexuality of the healthy female was obliged to wear a prim disguise. Unaware of the irony, men flaunted their pale desires, while the stronger passions of the woman were usually concealed. 
nobody could tell ellen cherry otherwise. The only thing that interested Ellen Cherry more than sex...was love"

then a bunch of stuff about Astarte (Ashtoreth in Hebrew) who was worshipped by Jezebel and known as Ishtar in Babylonia, Kali in India (I personally think she is closer to Ushas) , Demeter in Greece,Ostara in Saxon,Freya in Nordic or Isis in Egyptian wherein she was virgin,bride,mother,prostitute,witch and hanging judge all swirled into one..

"Because Veils of ignorance,disinformation,  and illusion separate us from that which is imperative to our understanding of our evolutionary journey,shield us from the Mystery that is central to being"

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