Friday, September 18, 2009

Circa 1993 QOTDs

I fished out a diary of mine that I populated sparsely used in 1993. I was in my X grade and the following were my QOTDs then (lacking blogger I used dead trees).

  • It is the coward and fool who says "This is fate" for a wiseman says 'I'll make my fate"
  • First learn to obey, the command will come by itself
  • I wasnt kissing her, just whispering in her mouth
  • You are entitled to whatever weaponry you've got in your armory.If one of them is being a woman, use it
  • Day by Day your estimation clock plays out who deserves a smile and who a frown
  • And girls you have to tell to pull their socks up are those whose pants you'd most like to pull down
  • By delivering who I'm quickly, I find that makes it easier for me to read other people
  • You cannot satirize a man who says "I'm in it for the money and thats there to it"
  • You have to make sure that everybody understands the rules you're trying to play and why, the dimensions of the fieldand how you count the goals for or against. And there was a lot of that needed sorting out. Because half of them thought they were playing cricket and others thought they were playing football,but werent sure which way they were kicking or which half it was

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meera said...

Hi...i believe this is my first time here...and that was a very intriguing post...I actually had to google QOTD!!

but have to agree with some them...esp where its alright to use the feminine viles to get your way :)