Monday, January 25, 2010

NeuroLingusitic Programming

One of the most basic desires of a human is to communicate. When you communicate something, there'll be a difference of opinion. Almost Always the difference happens to be because of the fact that people involved in the communication have different definitions. The so-called "being on the same page" involved the fact that all of them need to be defining the the same things in the same way.

So, one of the effects of how civilized you are is in the nature of how you handle the disagreements. Somebody disagrees with you fine. Start by asking what they think is the definition of the problem, the key issues, etc. You'll see its an easy way to bridge the definitions to resolve an issue than a forceful opinion of one side.

May be thats all just baloney but thats what I think today. Its a matter of not only programming code, its also of making sure your natural language is as clean as a 'C' code for example. it also means that as a byproduct by playing with the linguistic constructs you can make feel people they way you want to (or dont want to)..That explains why so many english language majors become lawyers because they know how to use language as a weapon of maneuvering.

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