Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Compund Interest

Professor in Sylvie  and Bruno:

'Only the tailor, sir, with your little bill,' said a meek voice outside the door. 

'Ah, weIl, 1 can soon settle  his business,' the Professor said to the children, 
'ifyou'Il just wait aminute. How much  is it, this year,  my man?' The tailor had  come  in while  he 
was speaking. 'WeIl,  it's  been  a-doubling  so  many  years,  you  see,'  the  tailor  replied, 
 a  little  gruffiy,  'and  1  think  I'd  like  the  money  now.  It's  two  thousand 
 pound, it  is!'  'Oh,  that's  nothing  !'  the  Professor  carelessly  remarked,  feeling  in  his 
 pocket,  as  if  he  always  carried  at  least  that  amount  about  with  him. 

 'But  wouldn't  you  like  to  wait  JUST!  another  year  and  make  it  four  thousand?  Just think how  rich you'd bel Why, you  might be a   king,  if you  liked!'  'I  don't know  as  I'd  care about  being  a king,'  the  man said  thoughtfuIly. 

 'But  it  dew  sound a powerful sight  0'  money!  WeIl,  1 think  I'11  wait-'  'Of  course  you  will!'  said  the  Professor.   'There's  good  sense  in you,   I see.  Good-day to you,  my  man!' 

 'Will you ever have to pay  him  that four  thousand pounds?' Sylvie asked  as  the door  closed  on the departing creditor. 

 'Never,  my  child!'  the  Professor  replied  emphaticaIly. 

 'He'll  go  on  doubling  it  till  he  dies.  You  see,  it's  always  worth  while  waiting  another 
 year  to get  twice  as  much money!'

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