Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Bobos in Paradise

I read this book "Bobos In Paradise: The New Upper Class and How They Got There
by David Brooks"

Had an interesting insight on the selfishness these days.He quotes Rob Glasner,Steve Case and Jeff Bezos saying that money hasnt changes a thing in their lives.The zillionaires say that they are in it for self-expression and not the money.

Workers in this spiritualized world of Bobo (bourgeouise bohemian) capitalism are not heroes of toil.They are creators.They noodle around and experiment and dream.It isnt a crass or vulgar selfishness or mindless accumulation but this is a higher selfishness.It is about making sure you get the most out of yourself, which means that you put yourself in a job that is spritually fulfilling,socially constructive,experientally diverse,emotionally enriching,self-esteem boosting,perpetually challenging and eternally edifying.

Its about learning and working for a company as cool as you are.Its about finding an organization that can meet your spritual and creative needs. In short before taking up a job you ask yourself "Will this job make my heart sing?".The PR firm Porter Novelli doesnt recruit employees with appeals to self-interest but instead runs ads in magazines showing a young woman in jeans sitting on a rocky beach.The Copy asks
"What Do You Want".The answer expressed in the woman's voice is this :

"I want to write my own ticket.High Tech is a wide open field.I am helping create public relations for companies that are on the leading edge.What I am learning is making one fabulous career.I want to hit the beach.I grew up on the west coast.The ocean has always been my second home.Whenever I need to think things through this is where I come.I want to keep climbing.Each year my role getts bigger.My managers support my growth with professional development and mentoring programs.Its like being in college.I want to go to Africa.Next Year,I Hope.(Incidentally our health insurance plan is great).I want to be my best.If there is a limit to what I'm capable of acheiving I'm not sure where it is or when I'll reach it.Never,I Hope"

This is Bobo capitalism.College,Learning,Growth,Travel,Climbing and Self-Discovery.

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Anirudh Garg said...

Hmmm..Dont we all wish we had exactly the jobs as you described .. But get trapped in the routine, boring mundane non-enriching work that zaps our creativity and makes us robots !
if you decide to start a company i will send you my resume :)