Monday, June 21, 2004


Penelope asked me to massage her back to help her relax.We all store our tensions in a particular point of the body and incidentally it happened for her to be happening at the rheumatoids.Its kinda like the typo where we always mispell in the same place frequently.

Cool thing I noticed is that the same day I was reading about "Shiatsu", a Japanese form of massage.It has a resemblance to the Acupuncture system of the Chinese(without the awful needle pricking!) but based on another ancient form of nipponese massage called "Amma".Strange thing these japanese always keep reinventing on the old stuff (kind of like Aikido improvising on Ju-Jit-Su).Well the interesting part is that it worked on her and she was visibly relieved and profusely thanked me for the favor.

Someone told me that Shiatsu means "Bliss" but quite literally means pressure applied with fingers(Shia - Atsu).I am not so much inclined to the phyisical massages.When I come to think of it I would need an occasional mental massage.A sort of the cerebral equivalent for the Shiatsu to help liberate some frozen zombie thoughts in the mind.I think the indian equivalent of "maalish" does some good from the outside but how to recycle the garbage in the inside.Who collects this trash I have to live with?Probably my self..


honeysuckle119 said...

Meditation might act like mental massage.

Paddy said...

I dont agree.Meditation is bringing your mind to a quiescient stage.If I say "Think Not of an elephant"..what did you think? The brain cannot process negatives.
A quote by Milan Kundera on this

"The present moment is unlike the memory of it. Remembering is not the negative of forgetting.
Remembering is a form of forgetting"

In forgetting a tension I remember it :-D

honeysuckle119 said...

I don't exactly call what you are talking about as meditation. But there are ways in which you can think about something good and refresh yourself rather than think about what you want to forget and that way remember it.