Monday, August 23, 2004

In Custody

The origami nooks and folds of thoughts pushed down inside,
pockets deep and intricate where mazes often hide,
and grow,and bend,and twist,
and crease,and wait upon the day
when all the things we never tell ourselves come out to play.

Does Dedalus drop us a clue??


Geetanjali said...

Dedalus being the "Daedalus" from Greek mythology, who designed wings for his son and himself in order to escape from imprisonment, or the literary creation -James Joyce's "Stephen Dedalus" - the artist?

Paddy said...

Hmm..Somebody's finally unreavelling the clue.I meant Icharus's father but can equally identify it with our Ulysses chap.

The cretan masterpiece created by dedalus was so complex and amazing size created the illusion of a maze.So one wondered as to how "Dedalus" built it himself without getting lost in it and Dedalus used a "Thread" (so to speak) to help him keep track of position and get back.This "Thread" is called a "Clue".

Now coming to our Joyce's famous creation Leopold Bloom (Ulysses) always leaves fragmentary clues and open to interpretation.I havent finished the book BTW.

Geetanjali said...

Neither have I ;-) I've only read "The Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man"...
Interesting...made my mind jog a bit...merci!