Thursday, January 27, 2005

Art of Motoring - Part 1

How is motoring different from driving? Physically, they're the same process.You apply gas, let off the clutch and steer by turning the wheel. The difference is in the mind of the operator. Just because you drive, doesn't mean you motor.When you drive, you go from A to B. When you motor, you go from A to Z. It's all about living. Nobody can tell you when you're motoring. You just know.

When motoring, its important to occasionally take a left when you're supposed to go right.In this way you can avoid ruts. A rut cannot be seen but it can be felt. If you feel like you've taken the same path so many times before that there should be a groove worn into the street, you are in a rut.Take a left immediately.

Everyday you probably drive by a street and have no idea where it goes. Why not feed your curiosity? Find out. Get Lost. Getting lost is a great way to find weird stuff you've been looking for, like a store that sells giant cardboard tubes or metal lunchboxes like the ones you had when you were a kid, Or maybe you'll discover an empty parking garage with one of those spiral ramp things.Of course it's poissible that nothing will happen but thats OK,too.At the very least you'll get a few minutes in your car, when you're in complete control of where you go and what you do.Not a bad bargain.

If you find that you have trouble getting lost, dig through your closet and pull out a Magic 8 Ball. Try letting that be your navigation system for a while."Should I take the next left?" "SIGNS POINT TO YES".

Look for shortcuts. Always take a chance on finding a secret path. The best time to find a shortcut is on a Sunday, when most people are still sleeping.There's less traffic, so you can take your time.A great shortcut cant be rushed.
Warning : Never look for shortcuts on your way to work.This can be stressful and thats not what motoring is about.

It would be remiss not to mention the long cut or the "scenic route", another well respected maxim of the motorer.Many long cuts include aseries of twisties that would take you back to the glory of the old days.

Motoring is about mileage. City miles. Highway miles.Its all the same.A car with a lot of mileageis more interesting than a car with only a few miles on it. So don't be afraid of a seasoned odometer, consider it an experience-o-meter. Its says you've been places... It's a scrapbook bursting at the seams. And there's nothing sadder than a 4 year old photo album with only six pictures in it.

When you see other car owners try not to rub it in if you have more miles than they do.They are trying. Maybe they've been busy working.And dont be embarassed when if you meet someone with more miles on their car.You'll get there.If you feel like you're not hitting the road as much as you'd like,dont feel guilty.Just being a car meansyou're motoring more than the next guy.Some people believe high mileage lowers the resale value of their car.Motorer's believe high mileage validates their car's existence.

Never stay at home if you dont have to.Get out there.Stay at cheap hotels,mom-and-pop diners and stop at roadside novelty shops.There's no better time to learn about your friends than when the radio stations arent cutting in and you discover the lost art of conversation.Priorities become a lot clearer.And the problems that plague your daily life seem less significant when there's 300 miles of asphalt separating you from them.Motorers love the road trip.Because they love the world.

Always keep your gas tank atleast half full. Because you never know when inspiration will hit and you'll get the urge to motor someplace you have never been. The more gas you have, the further you'll get before you need to stop.Stopping is hesitation.And Hesitation is the
enemy of spontaneity.And Spontaneity is the ally of the motorer.

When you motor properly, there'll be dirt aropund the tires,dust on the bonnet,and bugs on the grille. Consider this signs of motoring.Wear them with Pride.Of course,its fun to wash your car, too. Just dont be in such a hurry to erase your experiences. Remember,a memento doesnt have to be a snow globe or a beer stein. It just has to remind you of a moment in time.And when birds happen to leave a mark on your car, try not to be too mad.Its inevitable.After all the world is their in-flight lavatory.

Dont freak out if your car gets a nick or a ding. Just think of them as cars. And as most people will tell you, scars are sexy. They tell a story. They are evidence of an active life. A life worth living.You'll probably get them fixed but while they are there, take solace in the fact that they represent a life experienced.And as with scars, feel free to embellish on how a nick came to be. Maybe it came from the steel-studded collar of a rabid dog that had been chasing you for three blocks and threw himself at your door the moment you jumped in your car.Exaggeration is a motorer's prerogative.

Most drivers hate congested areas. They avoid them whenever possible. Now, while motorers love open roads more than the next person, they don’t exactly consider traffic jams to be an asphalt sea of torture and despair. They’re proud when their emotions aren’t poisoned by the tension and frustration in the air around them. They know you can still motor whether you’re going six or sixty. If someone changes into your lane, it doesn’t mean you’re weak. It’s just another guest at the party in lane three. Be the person who lets people in. True, you’ll reach your destination about four or five car lengths later but it will make for a stress-free trip.

This is a marketing promo for a car launched fairly recently in the US and as you can see it is aiming at lifestyle instead of simply the market.Nevertheless there's an element of true ringing to it that is so pleasant to imagine.

This is much akin to people taking the left with the VW Beetle in the sixties. Most of them ring true to me because once in a while you feel as if you are one with the car. The accelerator becomes an extension of your leg and the engine communicating with your mind. Now that a Zen..More to come in part 2 (including the name of the Car if you havent already guessed! A good clue is that this car is designed by Ferdinand Porsche)

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iii said...

I like the ad, which quotes,
"there is a direct connection between your right leg and the smile one your face"
...nuthing soothing as a long aimless drive!