Wednesday, January 19, 2005


Does snow follow 5 year patterns.I remember exactly the same day 5 years back we had the first snowfall in our area.Last couple of years, I have been waiting up and savoring the first snowfalls with a cup of coffee.No such luck this time, because waiting till 4:00 am in the morning provided futile

Waking up to the million white ambassadors of morning and a peek outside my window..Ah! The white city earth tones are relaxing on the first day of snowfall but gradually wear off their fun factor. Kids coming out to play and cars losing control of their way. Inspires me to write a bad haiku.

Novel Delight
Lonely flake in air
Only to melt


Anonymous said...

Oh you think that was a bad attempt, then rethink after three lines.

Now yell day night
Loan life, ill-ache neer
One in tumult


Geetanjali said...

:-) I still remember my first snow-fall experience - I was quite charmed to say the least!