Saturday, June 10, 2006

Of Castor & Pollux...

Hmm..Almost a month since my last posting and my social life looks as empty as hell. This problem of not thinking about one's folks' is the other end of the spectrum problem of crushing loneliness (in fact I think this end causes the other end to happen).better to have too much work than its alternative...have flown to east coast 2 times in the last 20 days and now on the road to LA..

I would like use my little space here to jot down all who matter the most to me but couldnt get to wish in time. [Drumrolls in the background]

Belated Returns of the Day P, Hope your first bday in marital bliss is well spent...


Happy Bday M..Sorry I cannot attend your wedding but wanted to let you know that I am happy for you and extend my welcome to her from the family..

Kiddo, Have a Jolly good time at the training and hopefully you are wiser by this birthday (relative to the last). You know the extent of my corporatization when I say throw the party and expense it to me..Either ways really glad hearing news about you from Pa.


Guthhi.I know your day loiters around the week of June 7-13 but not quite sure..See..I made your wish come true..All that alcohol has a memory loss aspect particularly when it comes to your bday.

(Special Trumpets playing the sine wave harmonics)

Mr. MN, As naturally as M follows N, you would be chasing some girls (either in reality or in dreams) on your day.I cant help with that but here's a thought that makes it easier.This is gonna be your last frickin day to be spent celibate. Either of 2 things happen and you know what they are..Sorry for harassing you over the web like this but as usual, my warm wishes bud!

(Bass Guital! Tchhhorus !)

Finally, the best of all, my mom. Here's wishing you health and happiness Ma..



Anonymous said...

Did enjoy the basic nature of your wish formality.where in the East Coast did you fly to?

Paddy said...

yes sir.however "basic" there's enough crypto in it that the right people smiled and I have elicited the right emails (which anyways is none of your business)

I flew to Orlando and Tampa. You dont seem to be around from there anyways..

Anonymous said...

Totally acknowledge the 'none of your business' perspective. Orlando and Tampa! I'm sure Disney would have welcomed you with open arms.
I would like to hear your thoughts on capitalism and if India is doing the right thing in cloning the West.

Anonymous said...


Guthhi's Birthday is on 14th. I guess you need some alcohol as yuou just missed it by a day.. And you can allways attribute to the time zones and stuff..

I hope you get to wish him before the day passes and will need to wait another year..

Chill and have fun..