Sunday, June 18, 2006

Fear and Trembling

If there were no eternal consciousness in a man,
if at the foundation of all there lay only a wildly seething power
which writhing with obscure passions produced everything that is great
and everything that is insignificant,
if a bottomless void never satiated lay hidden beneath all
–what then would life be but despair?

If such were the case,
if there were no sacred bond which united mankind,
if one generation arose after another like the leafage in the forest,
if the one generation replaced the other like the song of birds in the forest,
if the human race passed through the world as the ship goes through the sea,
like the wind through the desert, a thoughtless and fruitless activity,
if an eternal oblivion were always lurking hungrily for its prey
and there was no power strong enough to wrest it from its maw
–how empty then and comfortless life would be!

Mr. MN: Please read this classic.


Anonymous said...

u wished, prayed, cheated et al for comfort.
yet its illusive as it was yesterday.
he is playin with us everyday as was he doing yesterday.
the birds' chirps n their silence,
the foliage n the barren,
the beauties n the uglies too,
the bonds n their brittleness too,
all is staged my friend.
he played n played....
and u, also me kept on prayin.
incessantly, wryly, hopefully-
Asking him not to play.

hi anna,

Paddy said...

Beautiful Perspective and a hearty welcome. I quite didnt get the last statement.
Thanks for taking the time though


ps: do I know you?

Anonymous said...

time was fading away...
so was reluctantly away from cyberworld.I back....

Knowing or not-knowing - is all that important, we r far above than names, PAN number or Soicial ID nos. Damn political morons has made us commodity, or tried to.

Keep croackin