Wednesday, July 12, 2006


In the wake of the recent blasts I was really concerned for my family and friends around in the city. Half fearing for the worst I called one by one and thank goodness things are okay with them. As soon as I hung up the last call I am okay and a normal person whistling my way away.

So all this proves my own belief that pain is nothing if it is not personal. Homage to those victims.


Priyanka said...

The problem with the world is that not enough people put themselves in other people's shoes..if we did, maybe there wouldn't be so much violence.

Anonymous said...

hi frog,

Feeling the pain and pecieving the pain are all inherent with the human OS. However the interface may not reflect the perception....or would succesfully hide em. It pains if its human. Personal loss is terrible, if not still perceptible to make your sleep vanish. Condolences to the dead and the living.


Paddy said...

[Pri] Long Time No Hear :)

[BP] Anna, Wonderful Funda.I wouldnt extend condolences to the living

Anonymous said...

offer condolences now or cry for them later.... afterall choice is yours.