Saturday, July 15, 2006


The furrowed brows,
The drained handshakes,
The empty laughter,
Magnesium burning in the sea water only to become glass,
The Shadowless,
The lack of tears and the swelling of loss,
The look of the beginning rather than the faded memory of less,
If I dont kill it now, it shall return again,
Oh ! Othello, Desdemona doesnt exist but in you dreams,
listening to the trumpet in the background rather than inviting the clarionet in the foreground,
You are a Hero when there are issues
and Nothing when there aren't any issues...


Anonymous said...

the much touted relief is a lie,
the much respected ignorance is bane,
the much awaited silence of the guns is myth,
the anomaly is a lie,
the melancholy of the family life is hoax,
the never say die attitude is dead,
the attitude is fake,moreover a facade,
the stones gather no moss anymore,
the sun cares a fuck abt being a life force anymore,
the moon is no more feminine,
he is no more blessed,
the silver spoon is stolen, may be auctioned away.
its all chaos here, in here.
Seemingly cool,serene outside.
o'neo save the zion,Oracle was't all bonkers afterall,

May devil bless u after god created enough troubles in your life.


Sumedha said...

The poem is puzzling; your new template is stunning!