Friday, August 11, 2006


I have been tagged on this by orthodoc

One book that changed my life: Dancing Naked in the Mind Field and The Name of the Rose

One book I have read more than once: Like OrthoDoc I am a big fan of Holmes and read it like thrice

One book I would want on a desert island: Midnight's Children

One book that made me laugh: The Great Indian Novel

One book that made me cry: Cats Cradle

One book that I wish had been written: Someone's Love story that I know.

One book I wish had never been written: Every book is worth writing but if you mean books that dont add value to the trees they are printed on, then there are a lot of books particularly self-help ones.

One book I am currently reading: Thomas Kuhn's The Structure of Scientific Revolutions

One book I have been meaning to read:Gravity's Rainbow

Now it not always necessary to spread the meme by specifying certain names so let me do a voluntary infection. Anyone reading this can be assumed as tagged if they are willing to answer the same in their blogs/typepads/spaces.


Anonymous said...

i waited long like a peacock
for the spring to arrive...
alas it came as destined...
nonchalant of what I wished.

well I guess u were too busy with the books and no blogging...

keep the life force coming anna...through the blog for a change.


OrthoDoc said...

Well, interesting books there. I don't know what, but something makes me say that you should have been a physicist if you are not one.

Paddy said...

[bigpal] somehow your verses make me feel we have made big strides in AI :) Just kidding..

[OrthoDoc] Thanks. I am not a physicist but a stamp collector.

OrthoDoc said...

Sorry I got it wrong there. Glad to know you.

gvenum said...

Cool! new design and all! feels like entered the rain forest restaraunt in the malls! (and thats a good thing!)

Books! ewww! I used to call my library as plague area back in college! that should explain my untenable blog!

Forget the dictionary, just give me the wine, that should be enough to get past these books!