Thursday, August 24, 2006

Pulling Coffee

My microwave conked and suddenly I am challenged on how best to make coffee. I am not a big fan of these electric stoves plus they never distribute heat evenly and as quickly as the gas based ones but then I had only those. So I used them to make coffee, madras style by pulling it over and over.I was really satisfied not because of the taste but because of the process involved to get to the morning cup of coffee.

Anyways while I was savoring, as usual my subconscious retrieves something in the distant past. This time it was a jingle for Nestle Sunrise. I am not sure if the current day ads still carry the same jingle but had a beautiful rhythm sayin that if you meet folks then you can share taste of something like that. Suchitra Krishnamurthy happens to be in one of the ads and I have seen the rendition in 3 different languages and I love all of them.

Since this was last Friday, I drove over to Berkeley on Saturday, picked up an old mate and his girlfriend only to come back to a local cafe that was serving turkish coffee and persian ice cream.
Ads do work :)

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Anonymous said...

well u enjoyed madras style KAPI.
here its a big fad in Mumbai.
people would like to pay through their nose to get such a KAPI.
However there r baristas n Cafe coffy days on this side of planet.....but ye Dil mange more.

Abt the Nescafe AD the jingle is ubiquitous with Red mug of nescafe. The sales were going down in India so they gave those Mugs free with a Mega packs...guess what.....u r rite....boost in sales. Indians can;t let of that 30 Buks mug....afterall everyindian shd have such a gorgeous Nescafe mug at their home.....A good consumer insight been used to its maximum....hats off nescafe....