Thursday, October 26, 2006

A Few Small Repairs

Sunny left a message today. Said "Hi":) After a hiatus of 3 years it felt nice to be remembered by an old acquaintance. T,myself and sunny went to the same grad school back home and now they are married with a kid.Gosh! For me out of sight really means out of mind. That single message trickled an avalanche of old souvenirs in the memory lane. How hard it was to persuade T to take the first steps, the holi where I told him to see life in red hue, and the later turmoil after I left them and as they say "All's Well That Ends Well!"

Coincidentally I was playing a song recently whose lyrics I used as an inspiration for T in a contorted sense to "patofy" her.

Like a delicate sound in the backdrop of thunder
look at you standing still amidst the lightning flares
melting in the indian sun
casting a shadow in moonlight

like a tune out of someone's veena in the street

imagination in front of desire's doodles..
a light ray that would never reach its source

Damn Funny Lyrics to translate plus it made a whole lotta sense then.Now, I feel like Rajat Kapoor narrating a story a la "suraj ka saatwan ghoda"

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