Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Of Points and Lines

Way back in 1997, I was waiting on a friend at a computer institute in Hyderabad and since I cannot live without yapping, started some random chat with the receptionist (it helped that she was pretty to look at) . SOmehow we meandered through the conversation to Julius Caesar.

She said : "I know Julius and I know Caesar, but what/who the heck is Julius Caesar?"

**My jaw fell open 3 inches**

I was like "Okay..Hmm..Roman Emperor/Cleopatra/Calendar/Veni Vidi Vici?/Ides of March"

Anyways the point was that if you have 2 dots and if you join them it becomes a line and the dots themselves arent that isolated and their identities changed (BTW julius and caesar she was mentioning were the names of her neighbors' dogs). If you build a interstate in a country you have to run over a few things just so that you create a big line segment connecting various dots. Who makes the decision that the connection is worth more than the dots being alone all by themselves?

I was wondering about this because from tommorow morning onwards something of which I gave myself to will become a part of something bigger. The dots being connected I am not sure how to handle the situation but handle I definitely will.

ps: The last 2 weeks were one of the worst ever I had to deal given the situation. As they say misfortunes never come alone, but these are the situation where you know a lot about yourself.They told me I got old and wasnt as agile as I used to be. They told me that I can have fun over the weekend by going to places as far as LA just to be myself (its a very strange pleasure, being youself that is..). I think its high time I do something different else I will be one of them..

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Anonymous said...

I wonder what do you mean by "One of them". Who are they?

I wonder what happened on ur last trip to LA..

Chill madi