Friday, March 02, 2007


The song of the day is "Rozana". Check it out and lemme know whaddya think of it.(particularly the arahona of the scale between the sayings "kuch khone pe yaad aate ho" and "kuch paaon to yaad aate ho"). The reason I know of its existence is because I measure the time elapsed between meeting a particular friend in between songs like this (another friend measures the same in specifics only to AR Rahman tracks)

While I have been real busy at work integrating and stuff, I took a weekend off to meet an old friend. Just like old wine, this guy is full of surprise, maturity and spice. It was after I met him this time that I needed no therapy except meeting people like him. Till I meet my old folks, I feel I am in a midlife/quarterlife crises and what not. The moment I meet up and see the light in their eyes that I am exactly wherever I wanted to be, it is very reassuring and more comfortable than anything else..

I stormed into his sis's house where he was staying like the storm katrina., Their peace shattered, yet my peace made. While they try to figure out, we make sure each of us havent changed. Something like "we are just 2 lost souls swimming in a fish bowl" happens in the background non-verbally. I dont need words to mask my gravity as levity (he knows that already) but nevertheless entertains the rest of the crowd. He can be in 2 places at the same time. If not anything else a smile on someone else's face in the middle of night is worth something of a pass to present to St.Peter at the gates..

I feel rejuvenated, relived and refreshed at this meeting. Taking over the world (or world domination as some call it) is next in order. I am ready to do that because of meeting him among other things. Here I go, shutting my shop in CA and finishing the string LAVACA..MA

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Anonymous said...

hi anna,

i aint a sangeet visharad to comment on intricacies inherent in the Rozana song.
But to a Laymen it explicitly shows the happiness and an unbounded rush of energy even at the mere comparison of finding something which resembles a part of his love.So a high tone in the song once there is a sense of achievement.

Listen to this song "Ashq Bhi"-From bas ek pal....
Ashq bhi Muskurayen,tum jo mile mil gaye hai jindagi.
Sard the pedon ke saye,Bejan thi bin tere ye jindagi.
Ab talak Jo deckte the,han ye mera woh khwab hai,
Fir bhi dil kyon na jane bechain hai,betab hain.

I guess I m in love.