Saturday, January 28, 2006


Or as Shetty would have it "Naireyeyeyeyeyey......" Well... What can I say about this relation with Prashant which spans most of my happiest times with any of my friends. Ever. It was always about life's smallest things but gave us immense happiness. If there were ever an example for twin paradox then he would be one of the twins, the younger one.
Fresh with an extraordinary sense of levity. Very Breezy. Extremely Youthful & Optimistic. Its hard to recreate that aura with anyone else. Then it happened :
Dhuaan chataa khula gagan mera
Nayi dagar naya safar mera

Jo ban sake tu hamsafar mera
Nazar mila zara

Darsana ne nazar milaya aur khel katam.Dookan Band and Roobaru and all that good stuff! The guy's got hitched. So much so that M was asking me would his wedding be classified as a "Child Marriage".

We have small lake of memories on which we throw stones whenever we meet. If I wax about this guy from the bottom of my heart then there will be enough room for ample misinterpretation, so constraint would be the operative word here.

I cannot quite remember how we quite got to be this thick but we fairly remember "Jeet's Kitchen" had a role to play in it. I have seen him at his various hues. The serenity of his Banjara Nagar home, where we were served garma garam pakors from the kitchen while lazing around and talking nothing. His Olivetti machine on which countless games of "Prince (Of Persia)" were played. Exchanging books and learning the recipe for avial. When everyone in his group left he held on, trying to make something by staying close to home. Home is Hyderabad!

Then came Tambaram posting, outskirts of Madras. Where our "Street of India" never failed to surprise on our way to eating idli from a sea of sambar or katta pongal. His bored job where he was playin video games just to engage his mind and the plans we made while listening to "Sifar".
Then came crossing the Atlantic to Villanova. Some of the best times he can recollect in his school/personal adult life. I can see how this shy guy can be the most popular guy at the uni, the kind of adoration he commanded from the rest of the folks. The dinner and song serenade at the diner.Thanks for dropping by my graduation and it was fun to hang out with you in the best of your bachelor years.I still remember your farewell party with those never ending train of vodka shots..

The Phd paper where you made a world famous professor say "Please..". When it rains and I am having my coffee, I often stare into the rain thinking "what if..?" in regards to your temple days. It was nothing but fun the time I spent you. You, non judgemental, much like a buddhist monk, just choosing to speak when it was absolutely neccesary, the very incarnation of honesty going back to India only to make it there.

The way DSR wont leave you, the way you have one job an year and the way you easily get bored yet be nonchalant about the daily inanities. What can I say about you except that the peak of the iceberg that you potray is only 15% of whats your essence. I drink deep from within those deep personal artesian wells of yours and it makes me healthy.

No matter what happens prash, I wish nothing but the best for you and I hope you preserve that "exclamation!" of yours with all the child like wonder which accompanies it. I am grateful to be in your company and that our paths crossed. I definitely cannot calculate the probability of that..

I drink to thee's health,wealth and happiness in your future endeavors..

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