Saturday, February 04, 2006


Need to watch each and every one of these flicks. It seems like the theme of this list is New York


Priyanka said...

Star Wars is connected to New York?
..but i've noticed that New York is a character by itself in many movies, rather like Bombay in Indian cinema..

Tafosi said...

You are going to have a great time. I always envy people who are going to see some of these films for the first time.

Let the festival begin !

Primalsoup said...

Wow! That is a whole lot of movies, there! You know just like they have that book, '1000 places to see before you die', they also ought to have one on, '100 movies to watch before you die'! :)

I just managed to see "Lolita" last weekend, I loved it, should have seen it much before!

Paddy said...

[Pri] Yeah! In a weird way it is but most of the list has the connection if not all

[Tafosi] I have seen most of these but wanna just keep track of the list. Yes, I understand gthe envy part of it.

[Bonnie] Yes. There should be a list like that. Lolita is such a fab read too. Nabokov knows his craft well :)

Anonymous said...

The Count of Monte Cristo

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