Thursday, February 16, 2006

Wishful Thinking

He went to penance on the ocean floor. If you hold your breath you can do that. Ages came and went by but he was silently lapsing into the first, second, third and the final fourth phase of consciousness. It is said sound travels slowly in water, may be thats why it took so long for the music to reach his ears. Slowly the music reaches a resonating frequency within him and he begans to mentally dance to the tune being played from a far far away source. Then he remembers the time he went into this metempsychosis. It was when Shiva ceased to dance.

Whats different now? He is almost about to give up. Then a sudden realisation dawns upon him that Shiva never danced to begin with. It was us, the subjects that were dancing around an ever static, never moving absolute form of truth. Its our own perception moving around this absolutely anonymous concept that makes it seem like shiva danced. After a while there is no Shiva and of course, no dance.

Shiva know no Bhangra
Nor the Punjabi Rap!
But he’s a divine dancer
Who never takes a nap!

And if for the single trillionth of a second
Shiva ceased to dance

All the world’s great cities would quiver
On a knife-edge of chance

Every star in the universe would
Cease to burn

Neither sun nor earth
Would turn

Matter grow
So dense

So intense
The dark

That your


On a windless night
In the lap of the sea...
When Shiva sleeps
You will know eternity...

-The Third Eye written for Stephen Hawking by Rukmini Bhaya Nair


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