Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Roodade gum-e-ulfat unke
Hum Kya Kehte, Jo Kar Kehte
Ek Harb na Niklaa Honton Se,'
Aur Aankhon mein Aasoon Aa bhi gaye,

Us Mehfil-e-Kaifo Masti mein
Us Anjuman-e-Irfaani mein
Sab Jaam Bakhat Baithe Hi Rahe
Hum Pi bhi gaye, Chalkha bhi gaye...

I had to get that off my head. All errors in reproducing it are mine (All Wah! Wahs! to Sahir Ludhianvi). Someone once asked me to translate that and I said "learn urdu". Its not to be arrogant or something but some things neccesarily cannot be translated and it offers you a different system view.On a different note seriously wondering how people find time to blog.

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Primalsoup said...

Errrr, superlative time-management! :)