Sunday, February 19, 2006


In English August when someone asks Agastya Sen if he was married, he rebuttal was that he was twice married and once to a Norwegian Muslim. The joke was subtle but insightful (Crusades started from the same region and what not..)

I am not a news person but this one caught my eye. I didnt realise the gravity of the situation until someone else updated me the fact there were riots on a large scale and people on both sides hollerring curses and the likes. Hmm... A danish guy just wanted a picture for a children's book and this is what happens. Even the Queen had gotten involved.

Just like the US tried to rename French fries in their recent riffraff with the french, the Iranians decided to do this. Funny that they took the name of a sci-fi project by the same theme which might not augur very well with some folks.

* Begin* Jokes apart, this issue brought to light something that I took for granted. As far as I was raised you didnt need to believe in what is called religion. I was very much supposed to have an idea about it and be aware of the core concepts but belief, no. A recent conversation with someone who majored in the subject told me that Belief in the religion is a very western concept and the ancient eastern ones didnt require one. Quite a powerful thought! *End*

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