Monday, January 09, 2006

Home Sweet Home

Just came back after a grueling 42 hour trip to home. Lost my luggage and I come home to see that someone vandalised my car in a vain attempt to steal stuff. Not exactly an exiciting way to come home. More chronicles of "Swades" follow soon. Funny moment was that when my flight was accelerating to leaving the runway in Bombay, I was reading Shashi Tharoor's "Bookless in Baghdad" where he quotes Rushdie (The Ground Beneath her Feet)

India, my terra infirma, my maelstrom, my cornucopia, my crowd. India, my too-muchness, my everything at once, my Hug-me, my fable, my mother, my father and my first great truth. It may be that I am not worthy of you, for I have been imperfect, I confess. I may not comprehend what you are becoming, what perhaps you already are, but I am old enough to say that this new self of yours is an entity I no longer want, or need, to understand.

India, fount of my imagination, source of my savagery, breaker of my heart.



Anonymous said...

Well-come back and back and back and stop. Did the country change or did you,,, again,,, forget to change your hinge? A bogey on your golf, um! unpardonable.


Primalsoup said...

Rushdie is god! And that is my favoritest Rushdie book! Damn that Padma-whatz-her-name!

But how can India possibly break anybody's heart, no?!

I love this extract, its almost like the joy is in the ending up with a broken heart! :)

ven said...

Welcome I guess you have two homes...

Paddy said...

[7~] Glad to be back and I guess its gonna be a birdie this time :)

[PS] What can I say about a master. The stroke of his brush is enough to convey joy to millions.
Yes. India can break your heart but the question needs to be asked "Which India?"

No. Broken heart isnt a joy unless you are used to it. (like you see people who get high on endorphins which are caused by pain)

Paddy said...

[Ven] I am truly homeless these days but thats akin to having 2 or more homes as you said :) Welcome to my lair

Anonymous said...

Broken heart??..after all the dozen pani puris to savor on and of course the treat of relatives shoving food down your throat..??