Sunday, April 08, 2007

Much Agog about Nothing!

Its been a while. My work schedule went way upward in the slave-driving scale of work. Every week I think the load level is gonna come down and as of this week I gave up hope of any such relief. Better get used to it me thinks.

On a different note, as soon as Friday sets in, I am off to long drive to south california (SoCal as those guys love to call it) on a 6 hours drive. Its been ages since I have taken real long roadtrips and these recent ones are a welcome quencher. Time expands as you drive because you feel like you went way longer and the clock ticks only 5 minutes. Then, there is this occasional stream of consciousness that pours in and you suddenly dont understand how you drive through the traffic for the last 5 minutes when you were completely living in another world (like PS2 tagline of living in one world and driving in another).

Lovely sunsets, orange hued moons, long winding paths with no one in sight, a hint of wilderness beyond the mountains, the reservoir waters and the distant lake, the lonely gas station in the middle of nowhere, the tree which stood the test of time and the rock's indomitable will to survive rush together to make you "you". Its almost like a zazen experience except for the feet being numbed. (for example the following quote surfaced in my mind during the Mt. Wilson trip)

We proceed in step-by-step discussion from inference to inference whereas He conceives through mere intuition. Thus, in order to gain insight into some properties of circle, of which it possesses infinitely many, we may begin with one of the simplest; we take it for a definition and proceed from it by means of of inferences to a second property, from this to a 3rd,hence a fourth and so on.The divine intellect, on the other hand, grasps the essence of a circle senza temporaneo discorso (without the use of profane reasoning) and thus apprehends the infinite array of its properties.
- Galileo

Once I arrived back, there are so many things that need attention. Fighting wars on multiple fronts (both professionally and personally) and its actually fun. Dont know the end result but the fact that you have so much to do tells that some trust is actually placed on you :)

Regular Programming (assuming there is such a thing, if it doesnt, I shall delude myself) shall soon commence..

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