Thursday, April 12, 2007

Of Dream Teams & Championship Runs

Many of you might recall the original dream team which was an absolute finest moment the game had. Many players were best in what they do but getting together and practicing in a short compressed time framewas something. On top of that, letting the ball to the other guy without feeling egoistic about it is very hard thing to do as some of them might have been used to being the big dog and humans find it hard to shake off that feeling about them. But then, this team did that very effectively. The later teams that went to Olympics also called themselves this label but nevertheless couldnt capture the same magic of the moment thus making the original team's achievement far rarer than initially thought.

So, my question whats in it that makes such a team click and the rest fail? (dont even talk to me about the indian team performance at the recent world cup..I gave up after Tendulkar got out to McGrath in the last world cup).Then there is this concept of a championship run which means that a dream team aligns itself in such a way to give the perception of a juggernaut that would crush anything that comes its way.

Now, in my current company, I sense the alignment of that nature. Its very tantalizingly close to greatness. No, I dont wanna be Jordan. I am more than honored and happy to be Scottie Pippen...

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