Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Accidents At Home

May be he was at the wrong time at the wrong place or who knows, may be "right" in some other sense. Something hit him at 60 kmph and knocked him off the bike hurling into the distance. He hits the road 3 times somersaulting and rolling. The helmet broken into a hundred pieces. Blood all over. His right leg came off its holding place in the hip, multiple fractures, bleeding internally.

Thank Goodness for a millisecond here or there would have cracked his spine and would be dead on the spot. Who know some other angle he might be equally dead die to some other reason. The key thing to take away he is alive. For this, I thank goodness as profusely as I can. It was not his fault,nor can I be furious at the other fellow who hit him given the traffic on bombay roads. The more I thought of it, the more depressing it was but ,one must not let those alternatives to brood and must focus on what can be done next (one can never take anything for granted after such events) but still..

One must also be grateful to his coworkers and friends for making sure the right things were done (blood clotting inside the bone marrow can be real nasty if it takes too long for medical attention) in the time. None of his family were there till he went into the operation theater and I sit here powerless, just consuming the news as it comes by. Six hours of multiple rounds of operation is what it took to control the damage done in thirty seconds. Finally, I hear everything is well. Phew! Never been so relieved.As I always, said, pain is nothing unless it is personal and this is as close as it can get to me.

At the end of the day, all I think is that this bugger might have needed a near-death experience in some frickin karmic way that I cannot fathom


Anonymous said...

Is that your bro? :( Hope for a speedy recovery. -Pri

Paddy said...

yes, pri. pretty nasty one.now he is okay and his progress seems to be fine albeit methinks that the worst pain is after he returns home with no anaesthesia or meds. a little catahartic experience that he and he alone needs to go through.