Wednesday, August 01, 2007


When you are alone rather than a roomie you tend to be more responsible about day-to-day things and also more introspective. In recent days I just came to the following realization:

I dont miss anybody as bad as my mom. I dont know why the more I think about it the more I miss her after staying like 8 years away from her..


Anonymous said...

*sigh * tell me about it. My parents were here last week, and i even spent this weekend with them, but I miss them *so * much...*waaaaaah! * i want my mommy!!!!

Shruthi said...

Almost a year since i saw them and feels terrible being so far away :(
Lets hope you can go and visit her soon

Anonymous said...

I understand the feeling and i guess everyone has been there at sometime or the other. I guess it is a certain feeling that will be there forever, bringing back sweet memories..