Monday, December 31, 2007


"Every man should be born again on the first day of January. Start with a fresh page. Take up one hole more in the buckle if necessary, or let down one, according to circumstances; but on the first of January let every man gird himself once more, with his face to the front, and take no interest in the things that were and are past." -Henry Ward Beecher

Since 2007 is ending for me in a matter of an hour, its time for one of those "irresolute" posts.(Because Resolution isnt meant for people like me)
(-1) I refuse to start my year with a hangover

(0) I am still trying to wrap my arms around a technology suite thats currently 25 years old (switch happened exactly on January1,1983) and I am amazed to see it is robust and what more: I am making a living out of its existence

(1) So far in my life I knew how to make a living, but from now I shall definitely look forward "to live" now and paint my life red

(2) I shall change my mind without being worried about being consistent (used to think integrity meant stickin to it no matter what happens but then the truth lies much in the vein of the Keynes' quip When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do, sir? )

(3) Since nothing worth knowing can be taught and since there is (no need)/(not possible) to teach those who question, I dedicate the next year to questioning and experience to learn rather than yearn to be admitted to one of those grad. schools.

(4) I shall try to chuck my "relativsitic notions" and pursue the "absolute" as the wonderful book "Human Accomplishment" states that the highest accomplishments occur only in cultures that believe in absolute truth and beauty (the relativstic notion only produces ugliness among other pointless artifacts)

(5) By corollary to the above 4 points (dont ask!) I need to be back in California,so should be eagerly looking at sayin good bye to Boston (hopefully early in the) . Yay! I Cant wait to be back where I belong..
(6) I quit believing in Democracy as being representative form of government for any nation (thinking hard for the but I need to read a lot of history before democracy to see what exactly were people upto before such a concept was commonplace)
(7) Finally, I expect to be hitched in the year of 2008 which can only be phenomenal.
While every "new" year promises something novel, I always think there is something unchanging as well. Take for example the well known Brouwer Fixed Point Theorem; In layman's terms it says that if you were to take a coffee in a cup and stir it vigorously anyway you like without spilling a drop then there is one particle/point inside the cup that has returned to its original position (in other words it hasnt moved despite all your effort). Something like that happens to us where we think we are slowly aging with time, break our molds and what not, there is one single unique essence of a person that simply never changes despite all the flux. I wonder what would that be..

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