Sunday, December 23, 2007

Of Piers and Quays

Last year was a 'wharf' year in the sense I was firmly landed.When I opened the year, I thought this year would be a 'bridge' year in the sense it would probably would have connected to something more significant but in the end I would classify it as a 'pier'.Neither land nor water. Its an escape route that leaves one with few choices.The closest way I know I can walk on water.An escape from the land but still tied to it by the planks should I want to do a U-turn.Watching the land's end from the pier gives a different perspective and still disorienting to think of the waves calling you out with a message to be more explorative.

"Cubitt sat down chilled in a glass shelter and stared out towards the sea. The tide was low and the mist hid it: it was just a sliding and a sibilation. He lit a cigarette: the match warmed for a moment the cupped hands..Hack!Hack!Hack: the vocal chords dry as straw.Somewhere out at sea a violin began to play:it was like a sea beast mourning and stretching towards the shore...

Cubitt looked back towards the shore and saw above the mist the high lights of the Cosmopolitan, and they daunted him.He wasnt used to that sort of company. He went down the iron companionway to the gents and drained the whisky out of him into the movement under the piles and came up on to the deck lonelier than ever. He took a penny out of his pocket and slipped it into an automatic machine: a robot face behind which an electric buld revolved, iron hands for Cubitt to grip. A little blue card shot out at him: `Your Character Delineated.'Cubitt read: 'You are mainly influenced by your surroundings and inclined to be capricious and changeful. Your affections are more intense than enduring. You have a free,easy, and genial nature. You make the best of whatever you undertake. A share of the good things can always be yours. Your lack of initiative is counter-balanced by your good common sense, and you will succeed where others fail."

--Graham Greene in Brighton Pier

There. That was spot on as to how my year has been.I dont know the end but maybe I can find a quay at the end of the pier that's loading up people for the the other coast again. This time, I wont ask questions and simply get on with it to explore more fares that the sea's got to offer.

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