Monday, June 16, 2008

The Theme of Personal Transformation: Part 2

My last post wasnt too helpful to anyone in driving the point I made to myself  but here's an excellent post that actually does drive it home well.

Another example from mythology for would help: In the Mahabharata,  when the Pandavas were in the forest , Hidimbi met Bhima and married him (yes! they fell in love). Now, the Rakshasas treated them as family and provided them with a nice,cushy lifestyle where they didnt need to do exerscise much to survive and thrive easily. Despite this comfort, Kunti says they gotta leave after like 6 months because the "environment" was way too numbing their senses to be useful after a while (she precisely was worried at the fact that her sons started to think the same way as the rakshasas). 

Moral: Change your environment when you see Hubris set in.

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