Friday, May 22, 2009

A Fold on Myself

I went to a party where some distant relatives and other assorted league members were present. This was my introduction despite being on this side of earth decade. Some were visitors from India.
They saw me, measuring me in almost every which way. An old woman comes and asks

"Are you Ramani's Son?"
"Yes, Ma'm"
"I know. You have your mothers' look, I can tell by the nose"
"I am glad"

Then her husband slowly walked by. I was chatting with him earlier on subjects like elections,etc

"But you know, he seems to carry his father's intellect"

Their daughter in law who doesnt seem to know/like my parents joins the circle to finish

"But you have to give him that his charm is altogether his own"

I smile staring vacantly in the space thinking how long anyone tied me back to the family

Then their american daughter joins this crowd

"I dont know. You are just weird"

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