Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Once I drove a fellow to the golden gate bridge on his visit here and we drove on it to reach the other end where he wanted to take a picture. Of course, it was foggy and when we saw around we could see nothing. I was like "I Swear, the bridge was there when we drove through it, not sure what happened in the aftermath"

Consider the random walk concept which was postulated as follows:

If a drunkard begins at a lamp post and takes N steps of equal length in random directions, how far will the drunkard be from the lamp post?

The typical analyses concede that it will be proportional to sqrt(N). However if you were to place a pretty woman on one side, the answer would be proportional to "N" steps. (imagine n and sqrt(n) to be stock prices and you'll clearly understand why one is preferable over the other). The difference in the two versions is the presence of a vision :-)

Bottomline: The trick is this: Keep your eye on the ball even if the ball isnt always visible.

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