Wednesday, November 24, 2004

So Much Depends Upon

the color of the sun
the sweetness of mangoes
walking on wet grass in the morning
freshly brewed coffee in the morning
the smears of dark charcoal on clean, white paper
balanced upon the sweet warbles of a lark
On the mole under your eye..


Priyanka said...

nice! :)

Geetanjali said...

I loved it - as sensuous as it could get!
Add to that walking through a stream, feeling the water gush between your toes and the cold, pebbles hard beneath your feet!

Paddy said...

[Pri]Good that you liked it

[Gee] You yourself seem to be a poet in the making (atleast about this kind of stuff).I like the verse but let me try to see what exactly it feels like doing that.

Geetanjali said...

:-) Heh..wasn't spinning verse when I said that..thought it was pure simple description...glad you saw poetry in my words! And you should try it out - I did this once (way back in 10th std) and I can still feel the sensation in my of those not-to-be-missed moments of life!

Megha said...
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Megha said...

Reminds me of Prasoon Joshi's lines from Phir Milenge —

Utaar gham ke mozey, zameen ko gungunaane de,
Kankaron ko talwon main gudgudee machaane de

Let the pebbles tickle you, playing music on your feet. I love that imagery! Some more .. the first rain, the setting sun, the waddling of a lone duck in the middle of still lake, a child's smile ..

Nice post, Paddy!