Sunday, November 28, 2004

Street Poet's Composition

Daydream, delusion, limousine, eyelash
Oh baby with your pretty face
Drop a tear in my wineglass
Look at those big eyes
See what you mean to me
Sweet-cakes and milkshakes
I'm delusion angel
I'm fantasy parade
I want you to know what I think
Don't want you to guess anymore
You have no idea where I came from
We have no idea where we're going
Latched in life
Like branches in a river
Flowing downstream
Caught in the current
I'll carry you
You'll carry me
That's how it could be
Don't you know me?
Don't you know me by now?

- Street Poet, Before Sunrise


Geetanjali said...

OH..I LOVE THAT MOVIE!! I first saw it, without knowing the title...and then spent months trying to find out the title (in the days I was a stranger to Internet!)...have seen it sooooooo many times...

The poem is so sweet...appeals to my romantic senses!:-)

Paddy said...

[Gee] Then you are in for a treat because its sequel was recently released.Titled "Before Sunset" its a wonderful and mature succesor to the original but I do salute the spirit of the original.