Tuesday, November 30, 2004


I am Janus-Headed,
One looking forward to hope and excitement.
whilst the other awaits the fall of the sparrow
Often trapped in between
'cos neither scylla or charybdis looks appealing

My moods are somewhat colored
with the light and the contrast
alas! but limited to graytones
Like Atlas I carry both worlds unceasingly
I feel blank without either

I can only wait smelling time
for both the putrid and fragrant wafts of it
delicately intertwined in a helix
For without the distance of it ,I would not run

I do not expect to outrun
I hope not to fade
I just wish for more...

- One of my near random acts of posting insane and irrelevant stuff caught by my vague sensory apparatus and amplified by something else..


Geetanjali said...


Hirak said...

More lines and you could sell it as a pain-filled, angst ridden rock song for some psychedelic, punk band.

Paddy said...

[Gee]I was expecting some opinion after the monosyllabilic sound.

[Hirak] Thanks for the idea. I didnt know I was capable of that but that leaves me with an alternative occupation.